Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our 13 Degrees Illuminated Rite of Bavaria Lineage.

Our lineage comes from our former Grand Master Frater Prometeo / Gabriel Lopez de Rojas. In spring of 1995 Barcelona Spain he reactivated the Bavarian Illuminati after having made contacts with the Grand Lodge Rockefeller USA David Goldman.

Although we are more along the lines of the original New World Order aims and the Rockefellers betrayed the original NWO for global centralized capitalism. We the Illuminati Order / Societas O.T.O. Grand Lodge Othroerir no 1 USA continue and evolve the Bavarian Illuminati seeing failures of the past and taking steps to move toward a renewed direction, but keeping our essential principals based on enlightenment and bringing balance to our world.

Exposing the Illuminatiam Hoax and other Illuminati scams.

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